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We, Christoph and Claudia Nawroth with our three little daughters, Valentina, Paulina and Josefine, have been enthusiastic fans of Langeoog and happy owners of the Schipperhus for years now. Many have asked us how the idea for our project “Dat oll Schipperhus” was actually developed. In fact, it was a combination of circumstances: the growing difficulties of finding a beautiful and family-friendly holiday home on the island for our growing family, the lucky event that a fantastically beautiful property was offered during a vacation for sale and a good portion optimism and confidence to create something special. It was important for us to build a house that harmoniously fits into the island and which also corresponds to the East Frisian building tradition in the best sense. A house that does not offer “normal” apartments, but a real home for holidays. As a parent of 3 young children, it was particularly important for us not only to select the furnishings with careful attention to detail and the highest standards, but also to take into account the needs of families with children. This is how the idea came into being of the original bunk beds in the children’s bedrooms, which were custom made according to our own designs.


It was a great pleasure for us, after almost 3 years of planning and realization, to welcome our first guests in July 2017 and we hope that many more happy and satisfied guests will follow them …

Location: Dat oll Schipperhus, Mittelstrasse 23, 26465 Langeoog
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